Premier League’s Plan for Survival in Pandemic

The English Football Federation, FA, is reportedly making plans to continue the title of the Premier League 2019-2020 season. They plan to hold the remaining matches of the season without spectators.

Since mid-March, the Premier League has been officially postponed following the outbreak of the Coronavirus that has infected Greater Brittain.

Initially, the Premier League was postponed until April 3. However, due to the impossible situation, this delay was officially extended to April 30 and potentially could be even longer.

London Football writes the FA and Premier League operators are working to finish this season soon. One effort that they will do is to hold a match without spectators.

They got information about the FA and Premier League plans from one of the London-based EPL clubs, who did not want to be named.

The FA plans to start rolling back the League at the end of May or early June depending on conditions in England. They will compress the remaining nine Premier League matches this season into a four-six week period.

Coupled with the FA Cup quarter-final title until the Final, this season is expected to end in July. As a result of this pandemic, the FA and EPL plan to hold all the remaining matches of the season without spectators.

It’s All Still a Discourse Plan

But the idea of the FA and Premier League is still just a discourse. But they plan to present this plan to all EPL contestant clubs soon.

They need an agreement from the 20 EPL teams because holding a match without an audience will harm the teams. Understandably, they will not get revenue from audience tickets. But most of the EPL clubs are reported to want the Premier League this season to be completed soon, so they are believed to be ready to hold all the matches in the rest of the season without spectators.

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In the results of the UEFA meeting some time ago, clubs in Europe have a target regarding when the season will be finished. They all hoped that by the end of this season they could finish on July 30th with a note if the situation was possible

Following the World Cup System

There has been no official decision from the organizers about the end of the Premier League this season. However, from rumors, it is known that they want to cheat the system used by the World Cup.

The Independent reports that Premier League organizers want to start again in July with a matchless spectator system. The remaining 92 matches will then be broadcast live on television.

The organizer wants to implement the World Cup system, which is by holding five matches a day. The system is believed to be able to make the competition completed within one month like the World Cup.

6 Months Lockdown Threat

But the main problem is that the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK has not yet seen its peak. There is even a possibility that the UK will have to lockdown for six months long.

Corona Gives Big Impacts for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is told in very difficult time today. It is worst situation because Corona attacks more than 100 countries in the world today and give impacts in all things in the world. This big football club is also getting impact because of the spread of corona. Some experts say that it can make Barcelona bankrupt when it still happens for long time. Barcelona is not in good financial condition today and it is the effect of Covid-19. For more than decades, Barcelona is known as big football club and always tries to see as good number club without making people know how they struggle to handle all things and face all competitions. Barcelona starts to sell Neymar in 2017 and it is the sign that Barcelona’s finance is not in the good condition because we know that Neymar plays very good for Barcelona and he is important asset too for Barcelona. They need money and they take hard decision to sell Neymar.

Before corona attacks and give big impact, Barcelona has already faced difficult condition. Now, when there is pandemic, the situation becomes worst and even more problematic for this football club. There are denials from some players to get their paycheck cut really make Barcelona needs to think how to be free from this financial situation. Today we know that there are so many countries start to lockdown their area and also Spain. Some of players are living in Spain and they are facing new problems because they can’t do anything. They need to stay at home to avoid the spread of corona.

It is different with Leo Messi, who says that it doesn’t matter to cut his paycheck because he thinks that this situation is worst and It can help FC Barcelona to be free from this financial situation. When all players deny the paycheck cut, people think that this club will declare bankruptcy end of this year or maybe next year.

This club thinks that pay cuts will become the best solution to be free from this financial situation. Most of players in this club have already paid in high salary so it doesn’t matter when they get 30% of their salary for several months during this pandemic. They need to make a sacrifice when they really want to work in this club because when they don’t want to cut their paycheck, they should think that maybe they will lose their club too and they will not get payment at all. President of this club still consider for players who are paid in less salary. It should be discussed in good way so all players will be able to get their right because they also have already worked best for Barcelona. All people in the world start to get impact too because of this disease. They lose their job and they lose their salary. Some experts think that all Barcelona Players need to understand the decision to cut their paycheck and lower their lifestyle at least until the pandemic is ended too. Let’s see how FC Barcelona is struggling to be free from financial condition.